October 04, 2023
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Cryptocurrencies like Stellar (XLM) and Zion coins hold significant potential to benefit from the flow of trillions of dollars. One notable aspect revolves around AT&T (T) and its involvement in fiber infrastructure. There is speculation that BlackRock, a multi-trillion dollar firm, will form a partnership with AT&T in delivering fiber infrastructure to Ukraine after the war concludes. This partnership could have implications for the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto CBDC On Stellar Blockchain?

In particular, Stellar (XLM) has expressed interest in facilitating Central Bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and providing aid to Ukraine through a partnership with MoneyGram. This approach helps bypass corruption and ensures aid reaches those in need. Additionally, advancements in quantum computing by key individuals such as Peter Shaw from AT&T Bell Labs could potentially impact the security of cryptocurrencies.

Is Crypto reading for Quantum computers?

Quantum computing poses a potential risk to current crypto systems, but the development of Quantum-resistant algorithms and cryptocurrencies like Crown Sovereign offer solutions. While current quantum computers have limited capabilities, advancements in quantum processing power could pose a threat in the future. IBM plans to develop a 100,000 qubit computer by 2023, which has significant implications.

AT&T the Stock Could be Bullish say a the TA.

Examining the stock market, AT&T demonstrates signs of a potential reversal in its price action. Technical analysis hints at a double bottom pattern, indicating a potential rise in the stock’s value. Factors such as the economic and geopolitical climate, as well as the actions of the Federal Reserve, can significantly influence the stock market. If the Federal Reserve needs to print more money to stabilize the economy, stocks could rise, which might impact the value of the US dollar.

To predict the price of Stellar (XLM), a comprehensive analysis considering various factors beyond historical cycles is essential. On-chain data, circulating supply, and fractals are key elements that require examination. Analyzing at least three to four different data points can provide insights into market trends. Currently, the trend suggests sideways trading with a bullish outlook, but further analysis is necessary to determine potential price movements in the future.

Furthermore, exploring the concept of Crown Quantum proof crypto and its compatibility with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, XLM, and XRP requires more research. Nathan, known as Nathan of Zion, recommends checking out his channel for more information and encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for upcoming content. Lastly, the documentary “Banking on Bitcoin Revisited” is recommended for further insights.

Concluded the outlined Crypto Issues

In summary, cryptocurrencies like Stellar (XLM) have significant opportunities in the flow of trillions, and the potential partnership between BlackRock and AT&T for delivering fiber infrastructure in Ukraine is crucial to watch. Nevertheless, advancements in quantum computing pose risks to cryptocurrency security, although Quantum-resistant algorithms provide protection. Understanding technical analysis for stocks like AT&T and the influence of factors like the Federal Reserve can offer insights into potential price movements.